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Metal stamped custom parts and components
Helfrich Tool excels in producing a limitless variety and sizes of custom stamped metal parts used in industrial and commercial assemblies, all made to your exact specifications.

  • Metal Stamping Tolerance to ± .003
  • Stamped Thickness .005 to .0375
  • Metal Stamping Depth Drawn to 3.00"
  • Metal Stamping Diameters up to 16"


Prototype to Production capabilities, run length from 10 to millions
custom metal stamped and die metal parts, quality from system management of control operations.


Pricing based on the custom metal stamping quantity ordered, tooling required and the lead time necessary for on time delivery.

Whether your part is metal sheet stamping or in Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Brass, Copper or Wire Cloth our company can provide you with impeccable quality machining services. Call us for your next Custom Metal Sheet Stamping and Die Metal Stamping Quote.